Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Two Missions

I've given myself two missions for the next few months, mission one.. the kitchen.

Mission two.. the yard.

I'm pretty sure on what I'd like to do outside... I want to paint the house a beige and put color in by florals and painting our cement walkways.

The interior. Oh man... I go from rustic country to french country. Trying to find a happy medium. I feel like maybe I should take pictures of each before I start. I should have taken pictures before I moved in. When my husband had the budwiser banner saying "welcome" over the dining room table, or the beads hanging from the fan that sits over the table. uhm. Yeah. Pictures before = bad.

Our house is so little, the biggest room is the kitchen.. then the living room.. then the bedroom. I've confined the majority of man things to the garage and the extra room we have just hanging out in the back of our house. I know what I'd like.. a better flow. I feel like for the time being, I've gone back and forth between putting my porcelin dolls on display or my quilts in the living room. I want a grown up flow, one I've seen few houses have...

We'll see. I'll be posting my ideas, writing about my flow.. and kinda go from there!

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