Saturday, March 24, 2012

Organizing Goods, Containers, Containers, and... More Containers!

One of the best things my husband ever did for me was add a second set of cupboards with a counter for my mixer, bread machine and... containers. I love having my primary use items quick at hand, and sealed up.

Here are some of my containers: Snacks, Flour, Sugar, & Coffee- which actually holds Koolaide packets, The tall cylinder in the background has tea bags.

We eat pasta as sides, I toss it with olive oil, tomatoes, and parmesan for a side. Or I'll make homemade mac & cheese, the possibilities are endless. Our local store has the 32 oz boxes on sale a few times a year 10 for $10.00, and I stock up!

We use rice, popcorn, risotto, and bread crumbs. Popcorn is a quick fiber filled snack, rice we use as so many sides, I'll toss garlic, onions, and some butter in and have garlic rice. Risotto is my creamy go to dish, I use extra asparagus ends, cheese and milk to make a delicious side!

What are your organizing tips? I can store a lot more when the ingredients are upright, it's much easier to buy in bulk and freeze the rices that don't fit in the container & not have to have the huge bags sitting around.

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